Call for Projects – History-oriented Agent Based Models

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Forwarding this CfP in history-oriented Agent Based Models

Interested in working on history-oriented Agent Based Models, macroeconometric analysis applied to complexity economics, country divergence, technology gap and international trade?

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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE RESEARCH TOPIC: The research is part of the project PRIN 2017 "Lost highway: skills, technology and trade in Italian economic growth, 1815-2018". The research objective is to empirically validate history-oriented agent-based models addressing technological and productive asymmetries among countries. The selected candidate will integrate long-run macro-econometric approaches and complexity tools to investigate the role played by technical change, inter-country trade exchange of capital-goods, education. Skills with object-oriented programming and statistical software is necessary to the research development.

The deadline is the 10th of November.

In case of interest, please contact

Maria Enrica Virgillito

[email protected]