Central Bank Digital Currency – Webinar Ulrich Bindseil (ECB)

The Finance, Law, and Economics working group is thrilled to welcome Ulrich Bindseil, Director General of Market Operations at the European Central Bank, to discuss "Central Bank Digital Currency".

With the digitalisation of finance, Fintech, and cryptocurrencies, central banks and academics have started to wonder if central banks should not also offer a digital currency, to complement or substitute banknotes, which some consider an outdated form of central bank money. The Riksbank seems particularly advanced with its E-Krona project, whereby Sweden is unique in Europe in terms of the drop of the demand for banknotes.

With these premises in mind, the Webinar aims to focus on a number of issues:

  • What improvements could Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) bring for society?
  • What form could CBDC take – central ledger or token-based?
  • What other specifications need to be considered (remuneration, anonymity, quantity limitations, universality of access, etc.?)
  • What would it do to the financial system and to central banking, including the setting of the monetary policy stance, and the implementation of monetary policy?

In preparation for our session, the presenter has suggested the following material:

To join us https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/project/5beb5b33f86a9b432734c4d5/event/5beb5ca4f86a9b432734c4da

We look forward to seeing you online!