Complexity Economics @ YSI Festival Edinburgh

Hello everyone,

it was good to see so many old and new faces at the YSI festival, and
thanks to the presenters for some very insightful talks. We hope you
enjoyed the Complexity sessions, and in particular we hope to see many
of you in our upcoming events and Webinars. Specifically I want to
advertise a few things for the near future that can be interesting to
Complexity researchers:

  • The YSI Innovation Working Group will have a reading group on 'The
    Theory of Development' by Joseph Schumpeter, who as you know is an
    important predecessor to Complexity thinking in the history of thought.
  • The YSI Inequality Working Group will have a Webinar with Prof.
    Venkatasubramanian from Columbia University on his new book 'How much
    Inequality is fair?' Since he tries to derive his answer from first
    principles, many of which are based on assumptions Complexity Economics
    uses as well, this could be quite interesting.
    Check out those working groups for the specific dates and times of those

As for ourselves, we are planning to have a reading group on either 'The
Nature of Technology' by Brian Arthur and/or 'The Origin of Wealth' by
Eric Beinhocker some time soon. Since both of these thematically overlap
with the Innovation Group, we will probably start after their reading
group is finished, so around Mid-December. But as I mentioned in
Edinburgh, if you have ideas, projects, events that you want to organize
that are related to Complexity Economics, please contact us. It can be
as simple as discussing a paper that you're interested in, or one of
your papers, to a reading group on a certain book, to even a full

Best regards,
Johannes, Mark, Nils, Tobias