Deadline Extended (10/06/22): ELADES-YSI Alumni Workshop Call for Papers

The Latin America Working Group (LAWG) invites you to submit your manuscript for the upcoming 2022 Alumni Workshop of the ECLAC School of Latin American Development Studies (ELADES).

Possible topics may include:

Debt and Development: The role of FDI in the region, the changing nature of external creditors in the region
Inclusive Finance: The role of state development banks (e.g. BNDES in Brazil) and micro-credit institutions or traditional banks financing (agricultural) value chains in the region.
Inequality: Household-income survey analyses of personal income distribution as well as assessment of the shifting factor-income shares due to changing macroeconomic regimes in the region.
Macroeconomic regimes: Determinants of the various exchange rate regimes at work in the region, and the connection with inflation, the business cycle and growth potential.
Technological gaps: Innovation, imitation and adaptive technological strategies, national systems of innovation, and balance of payments constraints in the region.
Productive specialization: reprimarization, industrialization around natural resource-based complexes or import substitution industrialization (ISI).
Schools of Latin American economic thought: structuralism, dependency theory, the role of ECLAC.

Preference will be given for ELADES alumni. Papers will be accepted in English and Spanish.