Deadline: October 3rd | YSI @ UNCTAD International Conference

The Young Scholars Initiative will be hosting a group of young scholars to attend the meetings and discussions in and around UNCTAD International Debt Management Conference of 2017.

The bi-annual UNCTAD International Debt Management Conference of 2017 provides a forum for sharing experiences and exchanging views between governments, international organizations, academia, the private sector, and civil society on current issues in public finance, debt management and debt crisis prevention.

It brings together senior-level national and international debt managers and experts from around the world to discuss some of the most pertinent topics in both external and domestic debt, debt management and public finance.

YSI invites application from Young Scholars who conduct research on topics relevant to the conference and wish to participate in the discussions. Deadline: October 3rd.

For more details and application, please go to the YSI Website: (