DECEMBER 18 (14:30-CET) Webminar Feminist Economics and Social Provisioning

Professor Zdravka Todorova (Wright State University) is going to present the general aspects of gender studies in economics. We will meet at 14:30, Central European Time in December 18, 2018. You may join us through this link.

You find some reading suggestions about the topic in this folder, but remember they are only suggestions, everyone is invited to join us regardless of being able to read it or not:

This webinar is the first part of a studying group focused on Feminist Epistemology in Economics. The studying group schedule and texts will be settled in this first meeting. This Webminar will be recorded, so anyone that desires to join us later can have contact with this general introduction. The project is an initiative of the following working groups: Gender and Economics; Philosophy of Economics, and History of Economics Thought.