Defining & measuring financial stability, part I

Dear all,
We will finish discussing the reading packet on coming Friday, 20th of January at 11 am ET/ 14h BRST/ 5 pm CET. This webinar is a part of our series "Defining & measuring financial stability".
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Reading packet link:

We will discuss the following questions:

  1. What are the features which a good definition of financial stability should have according to Wood and Allen?

  2. Why conceptualizing financial stability is a challenge? What are main problems with defining financial stability?

  3. Which of the enlisted definitions of financial stability appeals to you most? Why?

  4. Is the constantly repeated mantra “there is still no widely accepted definition of ‘financial stability’” true?

  5. Do we really need to define financial stability? Is there really anything like financial stability? (a look from financial stability industry perspective)

  6. Is cost-benefit analysis approach to financial stability regulation feasible?

Hope to see you online!