Derivatives Series – Webinar on the “Failure of a Clearinghouse”

The Financial Stability WG is delighted to host a webinar on the "Failure of a Clearinghouse" with Guillaume Vuillemey. Guillaume is an Assistant Professor of Finance at HEC (top French business and finance university), a research affiliate at CEPR and at ACPR (the French banking supervisory authority). His main research interests are banking, corporate finance and derivatives markets.

As part of the Derivatives Webinar Series, it will take place on Friday, April 7th at 11 am EDT/5 pm CET. To join the webinar, please click here: (

The paper provides empirical evidence on the failure of a Paris commodity futures clearinghouse in 1974. Please find the paper here: (

For more information about the author: (

Looking forward to seeing you online!
Norberto, Kiko, Miriam and CĂ©line