Details on the Early Career Days | 18-20 Nov

Dear Young Scholars,

The YSI Early Career Days are around the corner and we would like to highlight a few sessions.

The state of economics

On Thursday, George Akerlof and James Heckman will be in conversation with Rob Johnson about the state of the discipline (see “The Tyranny of the Top 5”), new economic thinking, and how other great thinkers have overcome structural barriers.

Structural challenges

The Early Career Challenges Report summarizes 14 interviews with YSI alumni on many pervasive issues our alumni have experienced in transitioning to their first jobs. We want to discuss these issues with you at our discussion tables with 7 YSI Working Groups.

Course curation

Friday is dedicated to teaching. Jayati Ghosh and David Ruccio will talk about how we may go about curating a course. Peter Bofinger will provide the presentation “Best of Mankiw” on the world’s best selling Economics textbook by Greg Mankiw. Several YSI alumni will then lead workshops on curating courses in other areas.

Teaching tools

If you are currently teaching, we encourage you to also check out INET’s new teaching platform INET Ed. On it we hope to create abundant resources and community support to improve the state of teaching. If this sounds interesting to you, please check it out!

Publishing & writing

On Saturday, we focus on the publication process and writing. Our first session “Writing in Economics” will discuss common challenges and strategies to better writing in a number of different areas. The second session will bring together a number of journal editors to help us understand how the thorny and complex process of publishing our work in journals works.

We hope to make these days interactive, informative and fun. With your input and feedback, we want to create ongoing support on the many issues we face in our early careers. We look forward to seeing you!

You can still register HERE!

The YSI Team