Digital Banking Ecosystem: The Challenges Ahead

The Finance, Law, and Economics and the Political Economy of Europe working group are glad to host the second webinar in preparation for our meeting with Dr Enria in Frankfurt, on April 27. This second session "Digital Banking Ecosystem: The Challenges Ahead" will be presented by Giuseppe Colangelo (Jean Monnet Professor of European Innovation Policy), and it aims to critically explore the main aspects concerning the new banking paradigm introduced by 'Open Banking'. The webinar will particularly focus on the increasing importance of data protection and data ownership, and the role of third parties in the Open Banking domain; the risks and benefits for consumers deriving from the broader offered by these new actors; and competition issues between incumbents, Fintech e Bigtech. The ultimate aim of this session is to critically explore the challenges that these transformations pose to the role played by supervisor and policy makers, and to extract the most fundamental questions that we would like to ask Dr. Enria in our meeting, in connection to banking and new technologies.

Link to the webinar and papers by the host to be consulted ahead of our event:

See you online!