Economic History Working Group announcements 2020

Happy New Year! We have a great set of Economic History Working Group events in the planning stage for 2020, and look forward to sharing the calls for papers as soon as they are available. Meanwhile, here is a list of what we are planning:

  • April 2020: Human Capital and the Labor Market workshop in Santa Barbara (Neil Johnson as main organizer)

  • April 2020: workshop at the Fed in Washington DC, focusing on lessons from macro/monetary/financial history for today's problems (Alain Naef , Mary Bridges, Marc Adam, and Peter Bent as organizers)

  • May 2020: Pre-conference workshop at the annual Economic and Business History Society (EBHS) conference in Atlanta (Seung Woo Kim as organizer)

  • September 2020: Pre-conference workshop (with the YSI East Asia Working Group) at the 2nd World Congress of Business History in Nagoya, Japan (Seung Woo Kim as organizer)

  • September 2020: YSI Plenary in Budapest

We are very happy to welcome Mary Bridges (Vanderbilt) as a new organizer with this working group!

The September 2020 YSI Plenary in Budapest will be an important moment in the evolution of YSI, as new structures are formalized for the organization of working groups and for YSI as a whole. This will include the assignment of new working group coordinators, as Marc and Peter step down from this role and new working group members take on these responsibilities. We will keep you posted about the logistics of these developments as more information becomes available.

Thanks for all your efforts and contributions!

Marc Adam and Peter Bent