Event plans and research agendas for 2018

Dear Coordinators,

At the plenary in Budapest, all working groups collectively created research agendas for the upcoming 18 months, including an event plan (last year’s event plan is here). This year we have had no plenary, but we still need to plan for the upcoming year. YSI Management will soon need to present plans and budgets for 2018 and for that purpose we we need to get an overview of all our planned activities.

We therefore hope that you will help us update your research agenda and event schedules for 2018. If you haven't planned any activities yet, now is the time to do so. These plans are not binding, but especially if you have plans that require funding, we prefer to know this well in advance.

We encourage all working groups to have at least one webinar series and one working group meeting every year. If the working group does not have the capacity to set up a meetings themselves, they have the option to join the jointly organized regional convenings (TBA).

We request that you enter your planned events into the following document and send us your updated research agenda by email as soon as possible.


Thank you for helping

Thomas and Jay

P.S. I added the following people to core (a closed group for coordinators and core organizers across YSI). Welcome to Tinashe Nyamunda, Malte Dold, Esther M. Schmitt, Seung Woo Kim, Collin Constantine, Devika Dutt, Marta Musso, Luisa Scarcella, Amarilys Abreu, Karol Partyka, Maren Stoeber, Igor Tupy