***Extended deadline – September 9th

Once again the Keynesian Economics Working Group is glad to announce a group meeting taking place at the annual Brazilian Keynesian Association conference (AKB). In this side event, professor Pavlina Tcherneva will discuss new emerging themes in post-Keynesian economics. We will go through recent developments of post-Keynesian literature, as well as future perspectives in the field. Young scholars will be be invited to engage in the discussion, bringing their ideas and research questions to receive feedback from everyone. This activity will provide participants with a wide range of themes and ideas to future research. The event will also point to what are key themes we as the Keynesian Economics Working Group should be paying attention to in the near future.

This activity will take place as a side event on September 26th (time TBC), during the Brazilian Keynesian Association conference at the Federal University of Fluminense, NiterĂ³i, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from September 26th to 29th, 2023. YSI will provide financial assistance to selected participants.

We hope to see you there!