Fall 2021 program of the YSI Graduate seminar in Economic History

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the new series of the Economic History Graduate Webinar with support from the European Historical Economics Society (EHES)!

The program is as follows:

Oct. 26: Felix Schaff, London School of Economics. The Unequal Spirit of the Protestant Reformation: Religious Confession and Wealth Distribution in Early Modern Germany. Chair: Mark Koyama (George Mason University).

Nov. 2: Casey Petroff, Harvard University. Conflict Technology As a Catalyst of State Formation. Chair: Massimiliano G. Onorato (University of Bologna).

Nov. 9: Lukas Althoff, Princeton University. The Geography of Black Economic Progress After Slavery. Chair: tbc.

Nov. 16: Pawel Charasz, Duke University. Burghers into Peasants: Political Economy of City Status in Congress Poland. Chair: tbc.

Nov. 23: Michael Chanda Chiseni, Lund University. Lead Us Besides Still Waters: Missionary Expansion in Northern Rhodesia 1924-1953. Chair: tbc.

Nov. 30: Jean-Laurent Cadorel, Paris School of Economics. An International Monetary Explanation of the 1929 Crash of the New York Stock Exchange. Chair: Eugene White (Rutgers University)

Dec. 7: Haikun Zhan, University of Melbourne. Central Administration and the Rise of Local Institutions: Evidence from Imperial China. Chair: tbc.

If you are interested in attending the seminar you can register here.

The seminar will be held on Zoom and last 60 minutes on Tuesday afternoons at 5pm CET.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at [email protected]. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

The YSI-EHES Graduate seminar in Economic History is a joint collaboration between Ester Treccani, Jordi Caum, Maylis Avaro and Xabier Garcia Fuente, with support from The Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the European Historical Economics Society (EHES).