Feminist epistemology project – Second meeting of the reading group APR 29


After the kick-off webinar with Prof. Todorova, the Feminist Epistemology Project started their study group meetings with the discussion of the chapter "Gender and Economics" from the book "Feminism, objectivity and economics" by Julie Nelson.
In our next session, we will discuss "Behind Marx's Hidden Abode" by Nancy Fraser. Here is a list of questions of some of the issues that we would like to discuss:

-How does Fraser define reproduction?
-How can we distinguish social reproduction from commodity production? Is it simply waged versus unwaged work?
-Is the idea of a "totally commodified world" impossible in theory? Are non-marketized realms an essential feature of Capitalism?
-Are the pairs of "complementary opposites" production/reproduction, economy/polity, human/non-human of the same kind or are there essential differences between them?
-What is specific from social reproduction crisis?
-Please feel free to join us even if you did not have the chance of be part of our previous events!

You find the text in this link:

For more information and for registering for the meeting, please, follow this link: https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/project/5bfd73d80c6cbc1a2e96eb56/event/5cbe172868f81735fa2ebf9f

Everyone interested in more than welcome! For those who did not see prof. Todorova webinar, it is available at:

In case of any doubts, please contact any of the organizers.