Festival for New Economic Thinking Guidelines and Update Call

Thanks for this, it all looks great.

Javier will be attending for the IWG.

Three general remarks:

  • It would be useful to see how other groups are organizing themselves at the Festival so we can learn from each other. If the call goes out tomorrow it does not give us time to reflect on other WG proposals. @ Ingrid we didn't hand in a text either.
  • From the document it is not quite clear whether we still have a collective call for posters apart from the 90 min time slots that you propose. If yes, it would be useful if the joint poster project does not overlap with the WG time slots. Our group is planning a interactive workshop (two 90 minute time slots) in which we request the poster presenters to be present as well.
  • Also wanted to point out that we are opening the call for abstract during two weeks over summer. I know some of the IWG members are on long-haul vacations right now and the same might be the case for other YSI members. Just wanted to raise this as something to be aware of.