Final wrap-up session for YSI Plenary – 10am UTC/11am CET

Hey everyone

In 10 minutes (10am UTC, 11 CET, noon EET) Iva Parvanova and I will host our final session of the YSI Plenary.

This is a discussion session about the research we have all presented in the Plenary, the State of the Field report, the Questions Fair and plans for the Working Group going forward.

It lasts for just an hour and we would love to have your input, so please come and join us.

You can find out how to run your own project within the Working Group (potentially with funding from YSI!) and give us your feedback or questions about YSI and the Plenary.

Join us here:

Finally, please vote on our Questions in the Questions Fair! Some key questions of our Working Group are listed here:

And you can still vote for your favourite questions here:
Please upvote the questions that are relevant to Behavior & Society – for example the ones listed in the second link above – as this will help our interests and priorities to be reflected within the agenda of YSI as a whole.