Financial Stability mandate discussion

Dear Members of the Financial Stability Working Group and Community,

We are writing about the 2024 Mandate of the Financial Stability Working Group. We hope we can meet to discuss some relevant topics. The more the merrier, so in order to have as many participants as possible, we are sending you the following doodle to agree on a day and time of the week between February 19th and 23rd:

We would appreciate it if you could kindly complete the doodle before the 16th of February so that we could organize the meeting.

We are also sending you the subjects that are part of the Mandate, so you can start thinking about them in advance.

Which research themes are of interest to the Financial Stability Working Group?
Which research questions are of interest to the Financial Stability Working Group?
What projects should we do? In-person conferences, online webinars, webinar series?
What partnerships and/or cooperations do we hold? How could we deepen/maintain them?

You can also check the 2023 Mandates:

If you have not participated in previous projects or discussions with the groups, please feel free to join. This can be a great opportunity for getting to know each other

We hope to meet you soon!

Marina, Giacomo and Iván

PD: do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments at [email protected]