Financial Stability WG Program – YSI Virtual Plenary

Dear all,

The warm up week of the YSI Virtual Plenary has started!.

On the 2nd of November we had an introductory session about an amazing project Financial Stability is running: Liquidity Problems in Financial Market Infrastructure.

On the Wednesday 4th of November we are launching the Introductory and Icebreaker session. We really hope you can join us! It will be great to meet each other.

To access this session you have to register in (if you have registered before Sunday, you will have to do it again). In the “warm up” session of the website you could choose the Financial Stability Working Group ship and look for all the sessions we will run during the next days.

On Saturday 7th we will have the discussion about the State of the Field Report with Perry Mehrling!

You can find attached the flyer with all the sessions of the Financial Stability Working Group. Some of them will not appear until the warm up week is over, since they are placed in the Constellations. You can also access the full program clicking here.

Looking forward to see you online!
FS Working Group