Get to know WG activities in the Plenary and join us tomorrow for a toast!

Dear members,

We are looking forward to seeing you at Economics of Innovation working group's sessions and panels in the Plenary. You can see them in this [file](http://

On November 2nd we had our introductory session, where we also discussed the State of the Field report. Thanks to all who participated! We discussed ideas that will help us improve the report and brainstorm new projects for the group.

This Friday, November 6th at 8pm UTC/GMT, we will meet again to welcome the plenary with a toast. Bring drinks that are typical of your countries!

How to join: go to, register (log-in with the same email that is registered on your YSI profile), locate the session in the "ship", choosing the Economics of Innovation, and join the zoom from there when it's time.

Full program:

See you there!