Give us input! | YSI Plenary 2020: New Economic Questions

Dear core,

As you know, the next YSI Plenary is scheduled for 22-26 September 2020 at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary.

We have already started working out the details of the plenary, as well as an accompanying structural element called Questions. We hope to announce both to the community next week. But before we do so, we are excited to involve you (YSI’s coordinators, organizers, and members of the CRC) and want to give you the chance to comment on our ideas.

If you like, you can review the two concept notes linked here. One describes our vision for the plenary (it’s focus, intended output, timeline, and application process). Another describes our vision for Questions, which intends to strengthen our working group mandates and allow our efforts to converge. The two are related in that we hope to begin our work on Questions in the next weeks, with its formal launch taking place at the plenary. If you want to give comments, please respond to this email by this Friday (January 31).

Coordinators, please form a plenary organizing team for your working group. Teams should include current coordinators as well as those organizers who intend to attend the plenary, and are interested in taking responsibility for the group. Once the next set of coordinators is known, they will, too, be added to the organizing team if they were not already. This means being willing to manage communication with mentor(s), assisting in the selection of participants, and hosting working group sessions at the plenary. The ideal size for an organizing team will be between 3-6 people per working group. Please go here to inform us of your team by Friday, February 18.

As soon as organizing teams are formed, we will ask for your suggestions for which senior scholars to invite as mentor. If you have ideas already feel free to enter them into this spreadsheet.

Timeline (download here)
Jan 31 | Everyone is invited to submit questions (required for plenary attendants)
Feb 18 | Deadline for working groups to submit organizing teams.
Feb 18 | Deadline for working groups to submit mentors.
March 5 | Questions submission closes
March 20 | Application for participation and travel stipends open.
May 20 | Submission deadline for plenary applications.
May 28-Jun 14 | Working group organizing teams to review selections.
Jun 14 | Deadline for working group organizing teams to submit selection suggestions
Jul 1 | Announcement of selection decisions and travel stipends
Aug 22 | Registration closes for plenary; final question candidates for plenary due
Sep 22-23 | Plenary pre-meeting for core only (coordinators & working group organizers)
Sep 24-26 | YSI Plenary 2020

Plenary 2020 here we come!

Thomas, Jay, Heske