Have a drink on YSI to celebrate 10000 members!

YSI will hit 10000 members within the next 24hrs; time to celebrate! To join in on the moment, follow us closely on Instagram: @ysicommunity. We’ll be online with live updates as we approach the milestone. The hashtag is #YSI10000.

Even better: if you get together with other young scholars between now and November 25th, YSI will sponsor your celebration up to $10USD per person.

To qualify, just fill out this form and make sure that:

  • Your group contains at least three but no more than ten young scholars.
  • You advertise your party on the INET YSI Commons Facebook group, so other young scholars in your city can join.
  • All people celebrating are registered on ysi.ineteconomics.org
  • You take a picture of your group and post it to Facebook/Instagram with the hashtag #YSI10000
  • You follow our new Instagram account, @ysicommunity!

Congratulations to all of you!
Thank you for being part of YSI.