Innovation and spontaneous policies during the COVID19 crisis in Costa Rica

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In this new episode of the Webinar series on the Economic Consequences of COVID-19 in Latin America we will host professor Jeffrey Orozco Barrantos, who will discuss with us about Costa Rica's policy responses and challenges for innovation.

Jeffrey Orozco Barrantos is an economist from the University of Costa Rica. Master's degree in Economic Policy with emphasis on international trade from the National University and a PhD in Planning and Development with emphasis on Innovation Economics from Aalborg University in Denmark. Professor at the International Center for Economic Policy for Sustainable Development, CINPE, at the National University. Currently he has a research and teaching agenda on innovation systems and sustainable development. He has participated as a consultant or as a researcher in multiple projects both with national entities and with international organizations and universities. He has been general director of the International Centre for Economic Policy for Sustainable Development at the UNA. He has also been Executive Director of the Permanent Commission of Self-Management Cooperatives. He served as advisor to cooperatives both in CONACOOP and INFOCOOP. He has a wide range of publications both in books and in national and international journals. He is currently the coordinator of the General Secretariat of Globelics (Global Network for Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems).

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