Institute for Economic Justice’s Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival

We are excited to announce this year's annual Rethinking Economics for Africa Festival (REFA) which takes place in-person, at Wits University, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, on Friday 16th September and Saturday 17th September 2022.

The Festival aims at changing economics thinking, economics teaching-and-learning and economic policy by showcasing alternative economic viewpoints.

This year's REFA Festival is organised around the five streams of:

  1. Inequality: (hidden) problems and solutions: exploring lesser discussed forms of inequality, such as inequalities related to nationhood, digital access, and access to basic necessities

  2. New economic futures – looking at different parts of the economics discipline, such as the economics curriculum, economics degrees, and the careers in economics, and looking at how these can be shaped to deliver a better economic future

  3. Economics, powerholders and society: looking critically at key South African public policy issues where power imbalances affect economic participation. These issues include role of SMMEs in the economy, Black Economic Empowerment, corruption, and capital flight

  4. Africa, globalisation and international economic issues: looking at key issues that affect the African context, relating to economic thinking, economics education and economic policy

  5. The Climate Action to Accountability Project (CAAP) Symposium: this special dedicated stream explores the connections between economics, climate change, gender and human rights.

Anyone who attends will get an enriching overview of alternative, pluralist, heterodox economic thought. They will also connect with a wide range of students, academics, trade unions, civil society and members of the public, who are interested in making economics and economics better for people and the planet."

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