Join us at the Festival For New Economic Thinking

Dear all,

For those of you who are going to attend the Festival For New Economic thinking, we would like to share the Innovation Working Group Agenda.

The Innovation Working Group will have the following program:

  • October 18th 15:30- 17:00. Papers presentations

Innovation at the Frontier: Sustainability and Enterpreneurship
1) Emre Gömec University of Kassel & The Academic-Industry Research Network (theAIRnet)
"Innovation and Financialization of Enterprise: The Case of Two European Technology Giants NOKIA and Ericsson"
2) Glen Gostlow University of Glasgow
"The Price of Nature: Common Ecosystem Risk Factors and the Financial System""
3) Brendan Markey-Towler Australia University of Queensland
"A core for New Economic Thinking: On the theory of substitutability""
4) Johannes Kleinhempel University of Groningen
" Regional social capital and the entrepreneurial process"

October 19th 11:00-12:00 Special collaboration with the Financial Stability and the Finance Law and Economics working group, with a panel on : "How to research Cryptocurrencies?" Speakers: Perry Mehrling, Martha Poon and Izabella Kaminska.

  • October 20th 09:30-10:30 Papers presentations.

Technological Change, Labour and Competition
1) Mark Stelzner UMASS AMHERST
"Workers and Technological Change in the United States"
2) Mary Kaltenberg UNU-MERIT
"Complexity Pays: The impact of Industry Occupational Complexity on Wage Premiums"
3) Luchen Peng Columbia University
"Patent enforcement and entrepreneurial innovation in the United States"
Discussant: Professor William Lazonick

  • October 20th 15:00- 16:30 Papers Presentations

The role of the State in the Governance of Innovation and Development
1) Simone Gasperin UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)
"State-owned enterprises as innovative and learning organisations: the case of IRI"
2) María Luz Martínez Sola London School of Economics and Political Science
"The role of CORFO in Chile’s Development: Achievements and Challenges"
3) Stephanie Craig University of Cape Town
"Technological Innovation and the Developmental State: How to Govern for Progress"
Discussan: Professor William Lazonick