Join us for the Early Career Days!

publishing • the job market • writing • teaching • mental health • work-life balance

As young scholars, we are confronted with many challenges: publishing, teaching, the job market, work-life balance, mental health and institutional barriers. We often face them alone, without much institutional or moral support. The pandemic has only added to these problems and it has often further eroded the little support we enjoy.

Therefore, we want to draw on each other as a community to confront these challenges systematically and we invite you to the first

YSI Early Career Days

18-20 November 2021
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The program was put together with help from your peers (thank you Nicolas Aguila, Surbhi Kesar and Peter Bent!). It features both senior scholars as well as fellow early career researchers. The format of the event is conversational and we encourage your active participation.

To open the event we will introduce the “Early Career Challenges Report”, which highlights personal experiences of YSI alumni in navigating the challenges of their early career.

We hope you’ll join us to share your experiences, build resources and enjoy the support of your mentors and peers.

The YSI Team