Join us to propose the Sustainability WG mandates 2021

Dear Sustainability Friends,

We are in the annual process to build the mandates 2021 for our working group. The goal is to determine the working group’s interests, strategies, and projects we’d like to do.

Particularly, this 2021 the young scholars have the challenge to be imaginative, critical and original to propose ideas and projects in the pandemic context which primarily refers sustainability issues, questions and answers.

In this context, the Sustainability Working Group invite you to join us in this process to build our mandates 2021; it’s like a ‘call for projects/ideas’. You could propose and join projects/ideas. With in-person projects/ideas being difficult to host this year, our suggestion is to focus on virtual projects/ideas for now; we’ll provide as much support as possible in realizing them.

Note: Let us know your projects/ideas until April 2nd, 2021 writing us to the Sustainability WG email: [email protected].

If you want, you can take a look the WG mandates 2020 here.


Ariel and Felipe
Sustainability WG Coordinators