Joint Project: Reconciling financial stability and inclusion across space

The Urban and Regional Economics WG (URE), the Inequality WG (IWG) and the Financial Stability WG (FS) are delighted to launch this joint webinar series on "Reconciling financial stability and inclusion across space".

Financial stability and financial inclusion are often thought of separately by dedicated policy-makers and experts. Yet, they are two sides of the same coin. Furthermore, the solutions found to reconcile both objectives cannot be separated from local and spatial characteristics. The purpose of this webinar series is to discuss the link between financial stability and financial inclusion from a spatial perspective.

We will host our first webinar with Prof. Gary Dymski (University of Leeds) on Friday, December 1st at 12.30 pm EDT (18.30 pm CET). To access the webinar, please click here :

Prof. Gary Dymski is a Professor and Chair in Applied Economics at Leeds University Business School. He will discuss the necessity of thinking of financial stability and inclusion across space through the example of the US subprime crisis.

Facebook Event Page:

This webinar will also be the opportunity to discuss the interests of participants of the series.