LAWG Program for the Plenary | Sunday 15

Last but not least! Don't miss our final day of the Plenary!

Debate the Issues: Complexity and Policy making

16:00-17:00 UTC

Moderated by:

Alfonso Noé Martínez Alejandre

Complexity is a new scientific paradigm that provides new ways of understanding and studying public problems in the world. Complexity theory within the framework of public policy studies allows us to describe series and behaviors of subsystems, rules, external forces, and high-level behavior, tools such as dynamic systems modeling, network analysis, agent-based models, and automata provide to public policymakers news perspectives in the public policy cycle. How we can improve public policies from the complexity perspective? In the new global context: how governments are evolving to this type of vision?"

Political Economy and Economic Policies in LA

18:30-20:00 UTC

Moderated by:

Jonatan Badillo Reguera


Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid | Professor of Economics, UNAM

Latin America is facing several challenges that the current crisis has put forward. In this session, we will discuss old and new problems that need to be tackled. Young scholars will present what they are currently working on, and receive feedback from peers and/or the working group’s mentor.

Presentations by:

Leonardo Rojas Rodríguez | Investment requirements of a small economy with external constraint

María Montoya-Aguirre | Moral Force: leaders' actions and social distancing

Academic trajectory and the current state of the economy and politics in LA: Interview with Matías Vernengo

20:00-21:30 UTC

Moderated by:

Nathalie Marins


Matias Vernengo | Professor, Bucknell

We will host Matías Vernengo to have a conversation about the current economic and political situation in our region. However, we will do it in a more relaxed atmosphere where the young scholars can ask their questions and interact with each other.