Liquidity Project – Financial Market Infrastructure Chicago Fed Conference

Dear Young Scholars,

Thank you for your interest in YSI LPFMI. This is to inform you that we have completed the preparation webinars for the YSI LPFMI conference in cooperation with the Chicago Fed Sun. 27. – Wed. 30. Oct. 2019 in Chicago, USA. Please find below the details to apply, more information and project details can be found in the flyer link below. We have received already a few great applications and encourage you all to consider putting one in as well. Deadline: 22 September 2019.

Your application shall include the below points and be sent to [email protected] until Sep. Sun. 22nd, 2019. Limited travel stipend available:

  1. Your CV
  2. Your motivation & fit to LPFMI topic max. 200 words
  3. Open research ideas, which you have identified – beneficial to your application
    a. What are generally open research questions regarding
    i. liquidity problems in financial markets in general OR
    ii. liquidity problems at CCPs or other FMIs OR
    iii. FMI problems in general
    b. In which ways would you contribute to above questions personally?

We are glad that we were able to complete the webinars, put them on record and begin building a little bit of a community with many of you. Big kudos to Bazil Sansom, Céline Tcheng and Andrew Medeiros who had prepared and led the conversation with Robert Steigerwald, Chicago Fed and Sunil Cutinho, CME. If you missed the webinars or would like to go back to these, we can warm heartily recommend these. Full of insights and nuggets. There will be more to come to learn, think and bound. We invite you to join.

Jay and Kiko

DEBRIEF – LPFMI Robert Steigerwald paper review – video

DEBRIEF – LPFMI CCP stress cases review with Sunil Cutinho, CME – video