Mandate for 2020 and other announcements_East Asia Working Group

Dear members of East Asia Working Group,

We hope this message finds you well. On behalf of coordinators, I am please to be able to announce a series of events that we will organise and participate throughout this year. For more details, please see the recently published document YSI Mandates 2020.

During the Asia Convening in Vietnam last summer, we have announced the research themes, a cluster of academic explorations we decided to pursue in 2019 and 2020. Now it has mushroomed into six themes. And coordinators have been working on to organise events relevant to each one, accordingly. I am happy to inform you the following events (more details to be followed soon).

  1. Pre-conference workshop @ The 19th World Congress of the International Economic Association World Congress, July 2020, Bail, Indonesia.
  2. Pre-conference workshop @ The 2nd World Congress of Business History, September 2020, Nagoya, Japan.

At these workshops, the Working Group will organise sessions of the research clusters with initiatives by organisers and coordinators. More information will be updated soon.

In addition to these regional events, this year we will participate in the YSI Global Plenary in Budapest, September 2020. We are open to your initiatives regarding the topics, economic questions, and other activities (e.g. roundtables and special debate). Please do not hesistate to contact coordinators should you have ideas that you want to develop in this Working Group as well as the YSI/INET.

In general, we would like to invite you to organise webinars or local events (workshop at institutions in East Asia or brefore a conference). As a regional Working Group, we are open to all of your ideas and initiaties relevant to East Asia. Also, we will arrange a collaboration with other Working Groups, if necessary. (In fact, we do encourage and support collaborative projects). So, if you have a prelimiary as well as developed ideas for a project and plan to develop a webinar or in-person event, please let us know.

Also, the YSI management has opened an application for the position of coordinators. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Coordinators value your participation and hope to make this year a take-off of our Working Group activities. We do hope to see many of you at various events throughout this year.

On behalf of Coordinators,

Seung Woo