New Reading Group + Webinar with Alessandro Roncaglia (Friday!)

The Keynesian Economics Working Group is excited to announce the formation of a new reading group focusing on the critical field of political economy from post-Keynesian and other heterodox economics perspectives.  This group aims to explore the role of social classes, power relations, and institutional forces, within post-Keynesian and other heterodox approaches, fiscal policy and the political cycle, the dominance and transformation of finance, the interplay between vested interest and industrial policy, social and economic inequality, among others.

To inaugurate our reading group sessions, we are thrilled to host a seminal webinar featuring Alessandro Roncaglia, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Sapienza University of Rome and distinguished historian of economic thought, on April 12th. Professor Roncaglia will introduce his groundbreaking new book, Power and Inequality (2024), providing us with a foundational perspective on the themes our reading group seeks to explore. Power and Inequality offers a wide-ranging and multidisciplinary analysis of power as both an economic and social issue, avoiding abstract theorizations in favour of a rich illustration of how power mechanisms exacerbate social and economic disparities.

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