New Webinar Series on Brazilian Economic History

Hello everyone

The INET-YSI Group for Brazilian Economic History would like to invite you to our first Webinar Series.

  • December,13; 4 p.m. (Brazil) – "Diplomatic trajectories: Brazilian foreign policy to Salvador de Mendonça e Helio Lobo" – Prof. Gabriel Terra Pereira (IFSP)

  • January, 24; 3 p.m. (Brazil) – "Struggles over an "old, nasty, an inconvenient monopoly": Municipal Slaughterhouses and the meat Industry in Rio de Janeiro, 1880-1920s" – Prof. Maria Aparecida Lopes (CSU)

  • February, 15; 3 p.m. (Brazil) – "Economic Thought and Economic Policy in Brazil during the first Republic: Joaquim Murtinho X Vieira Souto" – Prof. Daniel do Val Consentino (UFOP)


Renata Vieira and Paulo Oliveira