Next ABM webinar this Friday and Santa Fe webinar series with Brian Arthur

Dear Group Members,

thanks to everyone who has participated in the last two webinars with Tania Treibich and Andrea Roventini. Both webinars were a great start! The second part of the “Agent-Based Modelling” webinar series will be hosted by the Keynesian Economics Working Group. You can sign up for the next webinar this Friday at 5pm CEST here:

We are also thrilled to announce that we are starting a new webinar series on “Complex Systems and Innovation: The Santa Fe Perspective”. Our first speaker is Brian Arthur, who is considered one of the founders of complexity economics. He will be giving a short presentation on Wednesday, OCTOBER 17th at 5:30pm CEST / 4:30pm UK time:
Please note the change of time!

Join us for the webinars, learn from the best and get to know other young scholars!

Please note: In the past webinars we had some technical difficulties with people joining the webinars slightly after the start time. These issues are now fully resolved!