Next sustainability group meeting this Saturday, 8th of July!

Hello all,

You are welcome to join us for the next meeting of the Sustainability Working Group this Saturday, the 8th of July (12 noon New York time, 5 pm UK time, 6 pm European time). We will be discussion two insightful articles on the topic of economics and sustainability which were chose collaboratively. Please read the articles beforehand to make the discussion more productive! The two articles are:
1) Vojnovic, Igor (2014): Urban sustainability: Research, politics, policy and practice, in: Cities, Vol. 41,
2) Spangenberg, J. H. (2016). Hot Air of Comprehensive Progress? A Critical Assessment of the SDGs. Sustainable Development.

Please let me know if you cannot access the articles for some reason. We will also be discussing how we can make a contribution to the Festival of New Economic Thinking which will be happening in October.

As usual you can access the meeting using the following link:

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Amanda & Lukas