On President Trump

Dear all

It's worrisome and saddening that the first post in our new platform is to discuss about the new elected president in the US, Donald Trump. But, it's certainly important, so we have to do it.
Daniel Munevar, organiser of the Latin America WG, has arranged to meet to discuss later today about the matter. Hereby is the invite and details for you to connect:

Times are moving fast, so YSI is moving faster! We will have today a discussion with INET Director of Research Tom Ferguson on the results and implications on the US elections. We will also have 2 short presentations on the regional spillover effects in Europe and Latin America.

The webinar will take place today, November 9th at 3pm NY time (9pm CET).

This will also be an opportunity to discuss our views on the topic. Sorry for the short notice but I hope you can join us.

The webinar link: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/join/932165711

Soon I'll write with an invitation for you to send possible projects that can be taken on board in the research agenda of the upcoming year. I should do this in the next couple of days…

All the best