Open Positions for YSI Coordinator

Dear Young Scholars,

Nearly all of YSI’s Working Groups have openings for the role of Coordinator. Might you or someone you know be interested in applying? Please find details about the positions below.

Positions available:

  • Africa (3 open positions)
  • Behavior and Society (3 open positions)
  • Complexity (2 open positions)
  • Cooperatives (3 open positions)
  • East Asia (3 open positions)
  • Economic Development (1 open position)
  • Economic History (3 open positions)
  • Economics of Innovation (3 open positions)
  • Finance, Law and Economics (1 open position)
  • Financial Stability (2 open positions)
  • Gender and Economics (3 open positions)
  • Inequality (3 open positions)
  • Keynesian Economics (3 open positions)
  • Latin America (3 open positions)
  • Philosophy of Economics (2 open positions)
  • Political Economy of Europe (2 open positions)
  • South Asia (3 open positions)
  • Sustainability (2 open positions)
  • Urban and Regional Development (3 open positions)


The Coordinator fulfills a crucial role within the working group.
For the duration of a two-year term (Jan 2024 – Dec 2025), working group coordinators:

  • Represent the working group, and serve as the primary point of contact towards the community, in particular new members, as well as external partners and YSI management.
  • Coordinate, support and facilitate intellectual exchange amongst all projects happening within the working group; review and approve new project proposals submitted to them.
  • Involve interested members and appoint new organizers who are interested in taking up organizational responsibilities.
  • Build and maintain relationships with mentors, external partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Take the lead on drafting the working group mandate, set the overall direction and strategic plans for the working group and develop new project ideas with working group organizers.
  • Maintain an environment and culture in the working group that is open, welcoming and productive as outlined in the YSI Guiding Principles.
  • Ensure continuity by sharing their experiences, expertise, and best practices with incoming coordinators and organizers.
  • Manage the working group email correspondence.
  • Maintain the working group's pages on the YSI website
  • Work with the Community Board and the YSI Management Team.

Timeline for Application Process

Deadline to apply: 22 September 2023
Selections made by: 1 December 2023
Official appointments: 2 January 2024

How to apply

Any member of YSI is invited to apply. Past involvement in being an organizer of a working group is a plus, but not a requirement. Go here to apply by 22 September 2023.

If you have questions about the role, don’t hesitate to reach out.

YSI Management Team