Opportunity for collaboration on the COST project

The project aims to build a Pan-European network on impact by bringing together all the relevant stakeholders (academia, government, business and investing communities, NGOs) in order to create a joint research agenda, build lasting synergies for tackling the social and environmental challenges that concern the wider Europe and the world as a whole, and facilitate the transition to an impact economy. For young scholars, it would create the opportunity to attend high-profile conferences, forums in which they can present their research on impact and get acquainted with leading scholars, policymakers, or practitioners of the field (organized and funded by the network), build capacity through training schools or short-term specific missions (visiting fellowships) in one of the network’s partner institutions in Europe or beyond (funded by the network).

About the European Cooperation in Science & Technology (COST): https://www.cost.eu/funding/open-call-a-simple-one-step-application-process/

Those interested in joining the network project should provide a short bio describing their profile and work by September 2 to: [email protected]