Reading Group: Resuming this Tuesday

Please be aware that the schedule and reading list for the complexity economics reading group has been updated! On the upcoming five Tuesdays at 12pm(US)/6pm(EU)we will be discussing: evolutionary games; economic evolution; technology evolution; economic networks; and economic complexity. Join us!

We have also added discussion questions to guide the upcoming sessions. If you are interested in presenting the papers or leading discussion for any of the upcoming weeks, please email [email protected]. Alternatively, you could DM one of the organizers or let us know at the prior webinar.

This coming week's readings are:
Friedman, Daniel. "On economic applications of evolutionary game theory." Journal of Evolutionary Economics 8.1 (1998): 15-43.
Whitley, Darrell. “A Genetic Algorithm Tutorial.” (

This coming week's discussion questions are:
What is an evolutionary game, and what do you have to define to set one up?
How are evolutionary games useful for studying economics?
Genetic algorithms are very efficient at finding the best solution within a set of constraints. What does this mean within the economy? Can we find them "in the wild"?

For the most up-to-date schedule and reading list, please check the project page: As you click through multiple upcoming sessions, make sure to refresh the page and sign up to attend!

To those of you who tried to join us last week, we apologize. Due to unexpected circumstances we were unable to begin the webinar, and will be holding this session instead this coming Tuesday. We thank you for your patience.

See you on Tuesday!
Carolina, Rutuja, & Nils