Reading Group: Special Session with Prof. Hiroyasu Inoue

This week's edition of the Complexity Economics Reading Group will feature a presentation by Prof. Hiroyasu Inoue who is the lead author of this week's paper:

Inoue, H. & Todo, Y. Firm-Level Simulation of Supply Chain Disruption Triggered by Actual and Predicted Earthquakes. SSRN Electronic Journal (2017). doi:10.2139/ssrn.3074997

We encourage everyone to attend this special session, which will take place on Tuesday June 4th at 11am NYC/ 5pm Europe. Following Prof. Inoue's presentation will be discussing his paper and, more generally, the possibilities and challenges of realistic agent-based modeling of the economy. Join us!

Note that this webinar is one hour earlier than those in previous weeks, so as to accommodate the schedule of our expert presenter. For the most up-to-date schedule and reading list, please check the project page: As you click through multiple upcoming sessions, make sure to refresh the page and sign up to attend!

See you on Tuesday!
Carolina, Rutuja, & Nils