Reminder! Join the Questions Fair and joint WGs session on Green Finance

Hello all,

YSI Virtual Plenary is non stop. After a great presentation from our mentor David Barkin today, tomorrow we have two special sessions. Don't miss them!

Friday, 13 November ( 13:00 UTC) – Questions Fair with Julia Steinberger
Constellation – Sustainability

As we try to identify the most inspiring, interesting, and important questions of our time, we are thrilled and grateful to hear Professor Steinberger’s perspective on the matter. Join us for an invigorating talk, and stay to edit the questions in the constellation!

Presenter: Julia K. Steinberger | Professor of Societal Aspects of Climate Change, Institute of Geography and Sustainability, University of Lausanne
Moderated by Brennan O'Rear and Rosie Collington
Link here

Friday, 13 November ( 17:00 UTC) – Green Finance: From managing financial risks to financing sustainable development
Financial Stability, Sustainability and Keynesian Economics Working Groups

The urgency of the risks that climate change entails forces economists to take these risks into consideration; strategies for adaptation and mitigation to climate change must be implemented. Investments to make these changes are more urgent each year, and more so now that many countries have overlooked to their environmental goals to promote production and reduce the socioeconomic impact of the pandemic. The financing mechanisms to carry them out can generate large macroeconomic and financial imbalances, mainly in emerging and undeveloped economies, which are more affected by climate change.

Mentors/Presenters: Pablo Gabriel Bortz | Professor and Researcher and Maria Nikolaidi | Associate Professor in Economics
Moderated by Nicole Toftum
Link here