Reminder! Join the Sustainability WG State of the Field Session

Hi all,

We are about to start our first session of the YSI Virtual Plenary. We will discuss the State of the Field Report.
Join us by registering in the . Click in the Ship, find the Sustainability WG and join the session!
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Monday, 2 November – State of the Field Discussion (16:00 UTC)
This is our kickoff event! Come and discuss the ways in which the field of sustainability has evolved over the last year. What research questions have recently come to the forefront? What discussions and debates have arisen? What papers have left an impression? Tune in for an update on the State of the Field. We are pleased that our working group mentors, Jessica Hellmann and David Barkin, will join us to reflect on the state of the field from each of their unique perspectives.
Presenters: Jessica Hellmann, David Barkin, and Ariel Ibanez
Moderated by Ariel Ibanez, Dania Clarke, and Felipe Botelho