Rethinking Economics and YSI workshop: Whatever happened to Economics?

From 28-30 June the Italian Association for the History of Political Economy will be gathering in Genova to ask the question “Whatever has happened to political economy?”. Before the start of the conference, Rethinking Economics and the YSI Philosophy of Economics Working Group will host a workshop to discuss a related question: “Whatever happened to economics?”. Professor Geoffrey Hodgson will participate in our discussion.

We invite young scholars to submit abstracts. Selected participants will provide input to our discussion with short presentations. We welcome contributions on the following:

  • The role of economics and of economists.
  • The arch of academic economics over the 20th century, and the various paradigm shifts that have occurred.
  • The possible elements of an economic paradigm for the 21st century, and which questions, methodologies and approaches may be incorporated in future curricula, research agendas and the discipline as a whole.
  • The challenges posed at the boundaries of economics by pluralism and contributions and inputs from other disciplines.

Furthermore, we will develop a research agenda for the Philosophy of Economics Working Group and discuss future projects for fall 2018 / spring 2019.

Travel and accommodation support may be available for selected participants.

In order to apply please submit your abstract by 5 June.

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