Second round election for Community Report Committee

Dear coordinators,
we have now finally confirmed the election module will be ready on the YSD mid February, so we want to start the nomination process for second round of the election, of the remaining two members of the Community Report Committee.

The document for the selection procedure has been simplified and updated for the second round. Please (hopefully) find it enclosed through this link:

Please take a look at it and make comments in it or on the thread here below.

We also want to discuss few outstanding issues regarding nominations so we are planning a goto-meeting on Sunday,
most likely around 4 o'clock European time if not heavily protested.

Assuming we have still the four remaining candidates from first round to put forward for the second round and few more coordinators hopefully, as well as maybe few from the commons. We can draw out some of the discussion below if that is better for many of you than the meeting on Sunday.

We can draw out few more remaining main points tomorrow or day after, but these are the obvious ones:

  1. Agree on who has the right to nominate candidates in the second round of the elections.
  2. Agree on whether there can be many candidates from same working group in the committee.
  3. Confirm that the diversity safeguards will not apply in the 2017 second round of the elections, since diversity was already ensured in the first round of the election process!