Sharing Your Work

Greetings fellow Keynesians!

One of the goals we aim to achieve with our working group (WG) is to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for our members to openly share their work with peers and to gather constructive feedback. Those wishing to participate are invited to use the YSD for that.
To kick off this initiative, I will boldly share with you my joint work with Antonio Neto, also a member of the WG, finished this afternoon. To access the manuscript use the link below:

Neto, A.S.M. and Ribeiro, R.S.M. 2016. 'A Kaleckian model of skilled-biased technological change and income distribution'

Those willing to make comments and suggestions please send us a private email (email addresses can be found on the paper) in order to avoid email overload for the other members or respond this post on 'General Discussion' on YSD.


Rafael Ribeiro