Solve Climate by 2030 – Information Webinar

Solve Climate by 2030 Information Webinar is tomorrow!!

YSI is delighted to support the Solve Climate by 2030. We opened a call for YSI members to organizer webinars in their own University (on April 7, 2020) discussing ambitious solutions to fight climate change.
The goal is to make them in a simultaneous fashion, then increasing the reach of this action.

We invited Prof Eban Goodstein (Director of the Center for Environmental Policy at Bard College), who is leading this initiative, to explain what you should know to organize a 'Solve Climate by 2030' webinar in your own country/community?

Webinar: Solve Climate by 2030 – Information Webinar
Date: February 18 2020
Start: 11:00 EST

Webinar link:

People who are interested in joint this Climate Action, please write to us! We have a post at the Discussion area in our Young Scholars Directory.

To know more about Solve Climate by 2030
See here: