State of the Field Report: a Survey

Dear Working Group Members,

I hope you enjoyed the summer.

In the past weeks Salome, Stefano and I have been working on getting the Working Group back on its feet and an important piece of the puzzle that we, as a group, still miss is the State of the Field Report.

The State of the Filed Report is a short document that identifies major developments and interesting questions in Political Economy of Europe and serves as a sort of ‘intellectual constitution’ of our Working Group, since it shows what our research questions are and what our priorities for the coming years will be. So much has happened in the past six months that this couldn’t be a better time to start asking some new questions!

Of course, in order to produce this document we need to pool ideas among ourselves, but also ask for the input of senior researchers. In order to pool ideas, we have a quick 4-questions questionnaire that will be open during the coming months and that asks for your opinion on the research priorities of the Working group. The input from senior scholars will instead be given during the Webinar series (don’t miss the first one next Thursday!), where I will make sure that our invited speakers touch upon this in their talk.

Once we have these pieces together we will draft the Report and present it during the Virtual Plenary in November. Moreover, this document will be essential to frame the drafting of the 2021 Working Group Mandate.

Here is the survey:

Looking forward to reading your input!

Stefano also on Behalf of Salome and Stefano D.