Sustainability WG – State of the Field Survey

Dear Sustainability WG members,

We prepared a survey to all our members to receive inputs about the most relevant elements in the Sustainability research field that we are dealing with recently. In which ways are they affecting our research, policies and our daily lives?
We would love to hear from you all and come up with the ‘State of the field report’.

Please fill the survey: here

The report will identify major developments and interesting new questions in the research field of our working group.

We will receive contributions until August 7, 2020. The results will be presented at the YSI Plenary and they will help frame the group's discussions with the context of the Questions Fair.

We hope you can take a few minutes to reply to this survey (it is short!) and participate in the YSI Virtual Plenary 2020.

Ariel Ibañez
Dania Clarke
Felipe Botelho

YSI Sustainability Coordinators