The concept of State in the History of Economic Thought – Joint Series

The Finance, Law, and Economics working group is thrilled to announce a joint webinar series together with the History of Economic Thought, and States and Markets working groups entitled:

The concept of State in the History of Economic Thought

In a series of three meetings, we intend to discuss the relationship between the fundamental concepts of Political Economy and the concept of Modern State at three emblematic moments in the history of economic thought: Adam Smith´s enlightened project, Karl Marx´s scientific socialist project, and the German Historical School of Economic´s nationalist project. In particular, we are interested in discussing the role of the political economy in these three big projects and the continuities and discontinuities between the three of them.

The three sessions are structured as follows:

Session 1. Political economy in the enlightened project of Jurisprudence (focused on the discussion about the unity of the work of Adam Smith).

Session 2. Political economy as a basis for the critique of the enlightened philosophy of right (focused on Karl Marx's work, especially his critique of Hegel's concept of Modern State and his critique of the concept of Civil Society in Das Kapital).

Session 3. Political economy at the service of 19th century nationalist doctrines (centered on the German Historical School of Economics, with the perspective of discussing the historical and philosophical roots of German Historicism).

The first session will take place on June 25, 16:30 CET:

We look forward to seeing you online in this interdisciplinary experience!