The Economic Possibilities of Technology -YSI Europe Convening

Dear Innovation scholars,

The Call for papers for the Europe Regional Convening that will be held during the Trento Festival of Economics from May 31st to June 3rd, is out and you can find it here.

We are looking for contributions in the following areas :

  1. Industrial Organization: Winner-takes-most Industrial Dynamics, Product and Labor Market Concentration and their Consequences for Labor Market Power, Vertical Competition between Unevenly Powerfulf Firms, Cybernetics Coordination and Strategic Planning of Lead Firms

  2. Capitalism and Technology: Automation as “a veil over capitalism”, Social and Political Challenges of Low-employment Societies

  3. Automation and Capital: Heterodox Conceptualizations of Capital, Digitalization in Economic Theory

The deadline for abstract submission is April 22nd.
For inquiries please contact: [email protected]

Looking forward to your applications,

on behalf of the Innovation Working Group